What My Baby Eats In a Day: 10 Months Old

I don’t feed as as soon as she wakes up. I give her some time to be fully awake then I warm up her bottle as I change her diaper and read a book or play quietly for about 10-15 minutes. Then if she is really active I’ll offer her solids 45 minutes after she finishes her bottle. If she’s more mellow and relaxed I’ll offer her 30 minutes after her bottle because that means she doesn’t want to stay awake for too long and if she’s tired she won’t eat!


Grace has completely given up on purees but I still try to include some oatmeal in her diet. I, myself eat oatmeal every single day and its packed with iron and fibre to keep you regular. This day I mixed it with prunes and pears since she was a little constipated the day before, but I will usually mix in a single sweet fruit like apples. I’ve learned my lesson and I always offer her the puree first. Once she sees the solid food she won’t want anything to do with the puree or me feeding her. This day she ate about half before she started getting impatient so I counted that as a win and served the rest of her breakfast. Oatmeal and banana pancakes with some cheese.



The banana pancakes are just some mashed banana and baby oatmeal cereal mixed together. She loved it and I will try and sneak some vegetables into the next batch. I made them tiny for no reason other than I’m a new mom and she’s tiny so tiny pancakes right? I mean, cutting them just isn’t as fun! They freeze really well too!



Her breakfast leftovers on a good day. Some days she won’t eat any or just take a few bites. I feel like shes starving  but I have to remember “Food before one is just for fun.”



For lunch I offered her some pasta stars and ground beef before her finger foods. She ate a few spoonfuls of the pasta and ate about half of the cheese, bread and banana pictured below.






For dinner I offered her the pasta again and she ate about half. Then hubby put his mug on the table where she noticed her dessert snack and the pasta was no longer appealing.



She’s just started eating solids so she hasn’t had much variety yet, but this week we’re planning to introduce some eggs, hummus and vegetables cut up into long pieces. She’s had chicken and a few other foods as well. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Here’s the recap of what was offered:


120 ml (4 oz) bottle, 3 tbsp pear and prune oatmeal ( 1 tbsp of each combined), 2-3 mini banana oatmeal pancakes, 3 cm cube (1  cubic inch) of cheese


120 ml (4 oz) bottle, 3 tbsp  pasta, peas and ground beef, 1/4  slice of bread,  3 cm cube (1  cubic inch) of cheese, 1/2 banana


180 ml (6 oz) bottle, 3 tbsp  pasta, peas and ground beef, 1 Baby Mum Mum Rice Rusk

Before Bed:

180 ml (6 oz) bottle




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