Easy Young Toddler Lunch and Dinner Ideas

I’m always trying to find new foods that I think Grace would like. It’s even harder now in the toddler years where she’s learning that she doesn’t have to eat her vegetables. Here are some examples of the meal I’ve made this week for lunch and dinner.



I always try and make her cold lunches and hot dinners. There’s no reason to this other than it keeps me on my toes and so I don’t keep making her the same meals everyday.


I do have a few rules that I try and stick to when making her lunch. I have a fruit, carbohydrate and protein. I try not to have a “meat” because vegetarian dishes are great for helping kick that “vegetables are bad” phase.


In this meal I made the yogurt count as a fruit since it is sweet and it does contain some strawberries.

I tried giving her blueberries cut into 4 on this day, but she showed no interest in it.


I hope this gave you some ideas on some easy toddler lunches! Let me know in the comments what your favourite toddler meals are.

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