Starting My New Minimalist Wardrobe

I was never the type of woman who spent a lot of time getting ready or who cared about shopping and buying a lot of clothes. Everyone always thought this was weird. After all, 14 year olds were supposed to be begging for permission to wear makeup and reading magazines with their friends.

I, on the other hand, would be fine wearing the same clothes every day as long as there were comfortable. Fast forward to a few years ago when I saw something interesting in Pinterest. It was called a capsule wardrobe. It was everything I wanted in a wardrobe. A few pieces I liked that I could mix and match throughout the whole season. So I tried it out for a winter and I LOVED IT.

Something was missing though. I wore the same few pieces everyday and so when the season was over I was tired of seeing the snowman on my gray sweater and most of my clothes were worn out. This was a good thing financially as I think I spend about $250 for the whole winter, but now that winter is approaching again I realize that I don’t have any clothes to wear. I’d have to repeat the capsule wardrobe every season and that still meant a lot of shopping and trying to match pieces. In a casual conversation with a co worker I brought up the fact that I hated shopping for clothes. They were either cheap and couldn’t survive a few washes or cruelly expensive.

“That’s why I wear the same same black pants everyday and just change my shirt.” he told me. You could do that?!?!? You could just wear the same thing everyday and no one would notice?  No one would care? SIGN ME UP! That’s where I found and fell in love with the minimalist wardrobe.

I always felt the need to buy pieces in as many colours I could afford and if I’m being honest with myself I’d wear black and gray all day everyday if I could. Only after seeing a YouTube video of a woman who has everything in black, white and gray I thought it wasn’t as weird as I thought.

Which leads me to starting my own minimalist wardrobe. I’ll be posting updates as I slowly build my wardrobe so keep coming back.

Could you ever be a minimalist? Is this something that you have tried before? Let me know in the comments.
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