November 2018 Budget and Goals

It’s November! It’s about time I started getting more serious about money and although people have told me it wasn’t a good idea to post what I spend on the Internet, I’m going to do it anyway. What can I say, I’m a rebel. I will heed the warning of not showing my detailed assets, but nothing wrong with showing what I spend and save every month. Enough about that let’s get into it.

Goals This Month:

  1. Pay debt down $1 000 (5%)
  2. Increase net worth $1 750
  3. Stay in budget

Income: $ 4 190 – $ 4 990

Fixed    $ 3 550

Variable    $ 640 – $1 440

*Other     $225


**DCPP    $ 450

**RRSP    $ 220

RESP    $ 200

General Savings $ 200


Rent & Hydro                $ 1 300

Household Expenses    $ 300

Transportation               $ 260

Laundry                           $ 40

Gym Memberships        $ 35

Groceries                        $ 300

Child Care                      $ 800

Grace Expenses              $ 65

***Debt                           $ 700

*Employer retirement contributions. Not included in income totals.
**This is automatically deducted from our pay and so we don’t include it in our income on our budget because that money doesn’t go into our bank account.
*** I always budget with the lowest income we have for the month and any extra money I put it towards what we need for the month. This month we don’t need anything. I might get a winter jacket and some mittens and the rest will go towards debt.

Spending Tracker:

Here is where I’ll track ALL my spending for the month. It will be relatively easy since I don’t spend much.

Date           Purchase                             Amount    Remaining Budget
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