Homemade Carrot Baby Food

As easy as it is to just buy a bunch of baby food in jar I couldn’t ignore how much cheaper it is to make my own. On my last grocery trip I decided to pick up a bag of carrots and a sweet potato to get Grace started on some REAL food. I picked up a 2 pound bag of organic carrots for $2.97. They had 3lb bags for the same price, but I figured shes a baby (and my baby) so why not the better quality product. Plus I would have a bunch of money either way.

I decided to only make half the bag in case hubby and I wanted some for dinner at some point, so I ended up washing all the carrots.

Then I cut all the carrots and boiled half of the bag for about 40 minutes until they were REALLY SOFT.

I threw the other raw half in a bag for later and the rest went straight into the blender.

I didn’t add any salt or spices to the carrot although I have seen some posts online about people doing that. Since this will be her first foods I decided I wanted to keep it as pure as possible.

I also wanted it to be as cheap as possible so i just emptied the ice trays I already had the freezer, washed them, and poured over my blended mix.

I thought half the bag would make two trays worth of baby food but I fell a little short and made one and a half trays!

Once they were done they popped out the ice tray SO EASILY. I couldn’t believe I was looking at $20 ice trays on Amazon and the ones I got fro $3 at Walmart did an amazing job. I bent the tray as I would to crack ice and they wanted to fly out.

Threw them in a medium sized ziploc bag and I have 18 lunches/dinner ready to go!

The whole process took about an hour and if I had more ice trays I could make months of food at a time. That is probably exactly what I’m going to do next time!

Shameless selfie!

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