Grace: 6 Month Old Update

She’s 6 months old!

I always wondered how long it would take for me to get the hang of being a mom and somewhere in between that thought and now it’s happened. I’m more in tuned with her needs and wants. I can look at her face in the morning and tell when she’ll have naps and the type of mood I’ll have to deal with for the day!

I find myself looking at newborn pictures and saying “Remember when she was a baby..”

She’s how big!?

Even though sh’es wearing size 6-9 month clothes certain styles in that size won’t fit. Like you can see in the picture below her thighs are so chunky that leggings in this size make it so she can’t move her legs (don’t worry I took them off right after I took the picture)

They say the rate in which children grow will slow at 6 months and she will start t gain around 1 lb a month, but lets see how true that is for Grace. I’m also expecting her to start crawling in the next few months so she’ll get plenty of exercise from that!

Length: 69 cm (27 inches)
Weight: 7.85 kg (17.3 lbs)
Diaper Size: 3
Clothes: 6-9 months (barely)



Sitting Up: Seemingly overnight she went from needing support to sit to sitting with confidence. Now, she whines if you put her on her back. She wants to sit and grab every toy in sight

She Remembers: No doubt about it she remembers and recognizes family members, places,  smells, etc.

Paying Attention : Now shes following along in conversation making eye contact with person who is speaking. She even answers to her name! When she wants mommy or daddy she has a habit of fake coughing since she learned earlier that making that sound will always make mommy come running, but this is better than her crying. She rarely cries now.



I don’t want to say we’ve been having trouble sleeping because there are families out there who actually have problems sleeping. I’ll say I have some inconvenicne sleeping. For the past month she would only sleep (including naps) on my chest and that left me glued to the chair in boredom since I quickly watched every decent movie on Netflix. I tried different methods I saw online and nothing seemed to work for us.

I had to pause and step away from myself and wonder why this child wouldn’t sleep without me. Its only been the past few nights, but I’ve come up with the sleep training plan of her sleeping on her crib mattress with me, then without me, then with me in the bedroom, then without me in the bedroom, and finally if at all possible then her crib. Right now shes sleeping on her crib mattress without me and I count that as a win!


I gave up on  breast milk, but 6 months was a good run. Now baby girl takes Nestle GOOD START 2 Probiotic with DHA & ARA formula and has started solids. So far shes tried sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin and peas!

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