Grace: 5 Month Old Update

And just like that she’s 5 months old.

Everyone always says it, but time does fly with a new baby. It feels as though she was JUST born and my priorities switched from getting the new 3DS game to producing enough milk and keeping my baby warm and happy.

She is so incredibly smart, strong and her smiles are infectious. Even when I’m hungry at 3 am with no sleep a little smirk from her is enough to keep me happy and smiling until I can put her down. I never thought I’d be the type to talk in a high pitched voice to a baby. They don’t understand you so what’s the point right? Yeah right. That lasted about two days then I was talking to her and whispering ” Mommy and daddy love you so much! Did you know that?”

Did I mention she loves giving me kisses. Real kisses. I can tell the difference because she doesn’t slobber and lick my face, but instead looks into my eyes, pulls my head to her and presses her lips against my face. ” Mommy loves you too baby! Mommy loves your kisses” I tell her every time she blesses me with her affection.

She’s how big!?

Last month I packed up all her 3-6 month clothes and washed and put up all of her 12-18 month clothes. I keep 3 sizes of clothes in the closet because I’m someone who always tries to be ten steps ahead. I like seeing what she has a few sizes up so when there is a sale I know what she has and what she needs. So now she’s officially in 6-9 months!

She’s been in size 3 diapers for a while now. Blowing through size 1 and size 2 by time she was 3 months old. This will be the first box of large size of diapers that she finishes without having to give to a family member. And before you ask, yes I do change her often.

Length: 66 cm (24 inches)
Weight: 7.25 kg (16 lbs)
Diaper Size: 3
Clothes: 6-9 months



Rolling Over: Gone are the days of leaving her on the couch to warm up her bottle or run to the toilet. Even just laying her on her back to change her diaper is the green light for her to start practicing her rolling skills. She rolled over a few times when she was about 3 months, but this is both ways and with confidence and intention.

Talking: I didn’t want to believe it when I heard it. She is only 5 months after all, but last night as I played with her saying “mama, dada” she opened her mouth and mimicked “ahah” in the same intonation I was using. Definitely putting that on her university application.

Strong Enough To… : Now shes strong enough to hold her own bottle and pull herself up with my help. While she can’t feed herself as yet, she is sure to hold on to the bottle when its done to play with the nipple and explore the contents moving inside.

Boring Mama: I never thought myself to be the exciting type and Grace makes sure I know it. Sitting and watching a movie with baby girl isn’t something she finds interestingand she’ll let me know it by whining and trying to wriggle free. If I lay her on her back for a moment longer than a diaper change shes kicking and calling for me to come move her. BOSSY! (she gets it from me 🙂 )



She’s been sleeping through the night for about a month now, but only on my chest (or hubby’s chest) Literally as I write this she is taking her first nap of sleep training. I’d love to say I’m using some awesome strategy, but it all honestly I was just too frustrated. I make the mistake of taking her to a birthday party with me and not leaving until late. My intuition is correct 150% of the time and for some reason I never learn my lesson and trust it. I left 3 hours after I intended, got home around 1 am and the rest is history. She cried in the car back from being overtired and she wasn’t able to take a nap unless she was on my chest. That was about 2-3 weeks ago and the past few days she’s started to fight going down for sleep even on my chest so I decided she was mentally mature enough to understand that I loved her, but she wasn’t to be spoiled. 8 agonizing minutes of her crying in her rocker she she  finally put herself to sleep. And so she sleeps.


I’ve been exclusively pumping since I was released from the hospital and thats what she mainly eats. Sometimes she’ll be in the mood for rice cereal, but once a day if I’m lucky.

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