Grace: 12 Month Update

And just like that its been a year. It happened slowly and yet all at once. She was JUST born and yet it feels like a lifetime ago. So much has changed since she was born to this day. Not only has she obviously grown and learned so much, but all her family, friends and loved ones have grown as individuals as well. I’ve grown a LOT since she was born and parenthood was nothing like I had imagined it would be. As natural born planner and prepper, parenthood has taught me to slow down and take it not only day-by-day, but moment-by-moment. Her birth now marks an era and I find myself looking at old pictures and measuring time by her arrival. ” It was October. I’m sure because she was born, but it didn’t start snowing yet.”


She’s how big!?

She’s still in the same sizes as last month. Now that’s shes a full year old I notice that her growth has slowed down just a little. Clothing sizes are now in gaps of 6 months instead of 3 so I’m going to assume that its normal.

Length: 32 inches according to the technician, but I feel as though she’s closer to 31 inches
Weight: 9.44 kg (22 lbs)
Clothes: 18 Months, 12 Month bodysuits
Shoes: Size 4






I practiced a few signals with her just a few times a day. At her birthday party she was telling everyone she wanted “more” and it’s SO. FREAKING. CUTE. When looking at some footage I noticed her grandma give her some cake and she signaled for more. Now I have to teach everyone so they know what she’s trying to say! So far she knows how to say more, milk and eat!

Her communication skills are getting more advanced and she’s understanding simple puzzles and fitting shapes into the correct spots.



Seems as though last month was a sleep regression because now she’s back on schedule for her two naps!




Now she’s eat everything and I’m happy to say that transitioning her to cow’s milk was SUPER EASY. I was hoping it would be and God answered my prayers. A few days before she turned 1 I put 75% formula and 25% in her bottles. Then, the day before she turned one I did 50/50. Then on her birthday I just filled up her bottle with milk and she was fine! Oh! I forgot to mention that a week before she turned one I stopped giving her warm formula. I saw a lot of moms struggling to warm milk on the go and complaining that their baby wouldn’t drink cold milk. To avoid it all together I’ve only ever given her cold/cool milk. Once the weather gets a little cooler I will offer her a warm bottle before bed if she wants it!




That’s it for now everyone! See you at the next update which will be 15 months!!!!!!!!!


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