Grace: 11 Month Update

I wonder if her goal is to start walking by the time shes 1 years old. If you try and put her on the ground she’ll make her whole body stiff and kick her legs out so that you can’t get her into a sitting position. She wants to stand day and night and night and day. Just today someone grabbed her from crawling away and tried to put her down near me. “Can she walk?!?!?!” They asked confused. Lo and behold there is Grace putting one foot in front of the other steady as can be with the illusion she can walk but she’s JUST not there yet. She can barely stand unassisted for longer than 5 seconds! I wouldn’t be shocked if she runs before she walks. I seem to only be able to take pictures of the back of her head these days! Remember last month when we had to hold her up to play with this toy? Now she crawls over to it on her own and pulls herself up to play!



She’s how big!?

She’s now fully wearing size 18 months, but still size 12 months in bodysuits. What can I say, she’s short like me! The only reason she can full up a size 18 month bottom is because she has the thick legs to do so (also from me). Also, since she’s starting to stand and getting ready to walk, it’s time we invest in some shoes for her. Only problem is she’s got tiny feet (you guessed it, from me) and she wears size 3. Size 4 if I put on thick socks and really push it. Only problem is most toddler shoes with grip for walking start at about size 5! OMG I said toddler *squeals*

Length: ??? She’ll never stay still long enough for me to measure her.
Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)
Diaper Size: I don’t know we are exclusively using cloth diapers!!!
Clothes: 18 months, 12 month bodysuits





Crawling, clapping, pulling herself up on furniture, what can’t she do! I find this past month the largest developmentally and its easy to look at her as a young child and not a baby anymore.  She’ll express her needs and wants and won’t  stop until you fulfill them! She calls daddy from the other room and is quick to crawl behind you if you even think about leaving her alone. She’ll lift her hands in the air to be picked up and takes her toys out of her toy bin on her own. I just have to teach her to put them back in when she’s done!

I just packed up some of her older toys that aren’t as stimulating and I feel as though I’ll finally have to start buying her some toys and puzzles. She’s outgrown the ones I’ve just pulled out last month for her!



She’s still taking 2 naps a day but boy does she fight to go down for her second nap. I tried transitioning her to taking one nap a day, but I don’t think she’s quite ready for that yet. I find that she needs an early bedtime of about 5:30 pm and then wakes up at 6:30 pm since the bedtime was so early she treats it as a nap. Then I’m up with her until she can tire herself out at a super late bedtime of 9:30 pm. I will revisit in a few months and let you guys know when I’ve successfully transitioned her to 1 nap. Until then I’ll lay in bed with her for 45 minutes until she finally drifts off.




Well I’m glad I took the advise of other moms and kept my squeeze pouch meals because now she LOVES them. She drinks 6 oz/190 mL bottles 3 times a day. I’m excited to get her transitioned to cow’s milk in the next month and off of the bottle! She eats EVERYTHING. She still won’t let me feed her anything so I only feed her foods that she can eat by herself. The only thing she isn’t allowed to have is egg whites, cow’s milk and honey. In a few months she’ll have that too! I’m so excited. Starting next month the eating updates will include her favourite meals since she’ll have tried all types of food and will be considered a toddler.





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