Grace: 10 Month Update

Everyone always says that babies grow fast, but they also learn very quickly too. I swear she wakes up from a nap and has mastered a new skill. Just last month she showed no signs and no interest in crawling. This month shes army crawling forward and standing unassisted for a short period of time! Last month she would gag and choke on anything with a thick or chunky consistency and now shes wolfing down non pureed solids like a champ!


She’s how big!?

She’s still wearing the same size clothes as last month which is 12-18 months for leggings and 9-12 for pants(they make them more baggy). She has really thick thighs so those leggings are hit and miss so I don’t bother with them most of the time. In bodysuits and dresses shes wearing 12 months. I tried on a few of her dresses with the bodysuits attached and they were getting hard to get over her head. I’m hoping they can last until the end of summer, but I doubt it. Those look like they’ll get packed up in a about a month or so.

Length: 71 cm (28 inches)
Weight: 9.07 kg (20 lbs)
Diaper Size: 3 We’ve started cloth diapers!!!
Clothes: 12 and 18 months





She’s now able to go from sitting position to on her stomach, but she isn’t confident in doing so. She’ll always assess the risk before attempting and more times than not she’ll decide to just stay put. Her separation anxiety is getting better now that she’s mobile. When I leave the room she either tries to follow me or get her hands on things she knows she isn’t supposed to have. She understands the words no and come. I’ve been trying to help her understand goodnight and bye bye, but she doesn’t always understand and sometimes thinks telling hubby goodnight means she gets to play with him before bed.



I’ve packed away all of her toys for younger babies and brought out her musical play table and some toys more  suited for her age and development level. I thought she had lost interest in toys and would rather play with things around the house, but now I think she was just bored with what she had and was ready for more.


She’s mastered the army crawl and uses it at any opportunity. If I tell her to come shes off and away wiggling and twisting and getting to me as fast as she can.

So many milestones this month! She’s gotten the hang of her sippy cup and can drink water unassisted. Now during bath time she no longer needs the infant mesh attachment. She sits in the bath and enjoys her new bath toys!

She shows much more interest when reading books together and she waits for my pause to turn the page. If I’m reading too slow she’ll make babbling noises then turn the page herself! She even has a favourite book!




She’s gotten so good at taking naps. She’ll take two naps in the day for two hours each. She wakes up less during sleeping as long as I’m not banging dishes around or watching a movie too  loud in the other  room. She does sleep with a noise machine, but boy is she nosey!




She’s drinking 475-700 ml (16-24 oz) of formula a day. She takes 4 bottles in total. One when she wakes up, after her first nap, after her second nap and then the last one before bed. She doesn’t drink much the first two bottles. Usually she’ll drink 120 ml (4 oz) the first two bottles then 180 ml (6 oz) the last two bottles.

We are completely done with purees! I still have a bunch of purees in my freezer that hubby and I will just add to smoothies for ourselves or use as a a pasta sauce for her. I’ll be donating all the canned jars we have left since they all expire before baby #2 is born (I’m not pregnant 🙂 ). I’ll keep the squeeze pouches for now even though she doesn’t like eating those either. Other moms suggested that I hang on to them because as she gets older she might like to have them as a snack so I’ll keep those for a little longer.


I’ll be writing a post of recipes and what she likes to eat so be sure to come back and check it out! When it’s up you can check it out HERE.




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