Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Space Saver Jumperoo Review

I never saw the point in buying these expensive toys for babies to jump around in. Then I had my own and the thought of her doing without made twists in my stomach! They had so many on the market I had no idea which one to get and although I wanted her to have one, spending $100+ on a toy for a baby who would outgrow it in a few months was outrageous. Even if I planned to use it for my other children!

Lo and behold that same day Amazon had the Fisher Price Jumperoo on sale from $150 to $50. Fate? I think so. So of course I bought one…


…and she was a little to small/ young for it. Then seemingly overnight, she wasn’t. It was easy to build and folds up and stores away nicely when I’m not using it.

She loves rolling the ball in the middle that makes noise and jumping around to the beat of the music that it plays. These pictures are her at almost 5 months and now at 6 months shes just starting to truly enjoy it by playing with the toys at the side. I’m glad I made the purchase and I foresee her having fun with this toy for at least the next few months.

She will happily play it in for about 20 minutes at a time without me in the room so I can get some housework done which to a mom is  hours and hours of time away from baby.  If I had paid $150 I wouldn’t  have been happy with the purchase, but I am really frugal. If it hadn’t been on sale I would have asked for it as a gift or bought second hand. I will say this is a mommy must have!

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