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91 Days Until Race Day: Scotiabank 5K 2018

A few years  ago hubby and I did the Scotiabank Race 5K together. It was my 2nd race and boy was it  fun. Training for the event and  then crossing the finish like was euphoric and I loved every minute of it as much as I hated every minute it! When the race was over I jumped on the computer to look at other races in my area and saw some cool cases and displays for my bibs and medals. I was going to be a runner and I needed a place to store all of my medals. Since then I have competed in a total of zero races! Zero! ZEEEERRRROOOO!


Then I got pregnant with Grace and I vowed that I wouldn’t let  it stop me. I wasn’t going to be one of those women who had a baby then blamed their obesity on a child born decades ago. Then I had Grace and found myself becoming what I feared. I had no interest in eating healthier or exercising. Well, that is about to end. It’s 91 Days until race day and I don’t know if I’ll  compete in the formal race (there is no sameday packet pickup and I can’t afford to go into the city 2 days in a row with a baby. I’ll be WAY  too exhausted), but I will run 5K  on that day!

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