30 Day Workout Challenge

Today I left the house late for work and saw my bus pulling into the terminal. I was literally about 40 steps away but I didn’t want to risk it. I decided I’d run and catch it instead of hoping the line to enter the bus was long. After all, I’ve just returned from maternity leave and I didn’t want to be late for work already. I held my bag tighter and took off.

Then something happened.

Something was wrong.

I was tired.

I looked down to see how far I’d gotten and I had basically taken 5-10 steps. Determined not to miss the bus I pushed through it and jump on just in the nick of time. I didn’t even have my bus pass out before the driver closed the doors and started his route. I made it.

Then I realized I couldn’t catch my breath. I was dizzy. My lungs felt like I had swallowed a hot pepper and my legs and thighs burned.

When did I become so unhealthy?

That’s when I realized that I didn’t exercise during my pregnancy like I had planned. After giving birth my mom was so eager to drive me to all my doctors appointments, grocery shopping and just anywhere I wanted to be in general. I spent most of my days sitting with my baby in my arms and I was slowly becoming less and less fit. I’m intentionally saying less fit and not fatter because I lost all the weight I gained during pregnancy.

Before pregnancy¬† I was able to walk/jog 5 km and that jog for the bus wouldn’t have even change my breathing. I would have hopped on the bus and greeting the driver with a “Good morning.” Instead of praying to God to make sure I don’t pass out. I would be too embarrassed to tell the paramedics that I passed out from a 10 second jog.

Starting today I’m going to workout everyday for 30 days and take you along with me.

I’m going to take it slow and plan one week at a time, but I don’t have any specific goal other than to be more active and workout everyday for the next 30 days.

Starting measurements: (Sunday October 21,2018)

Weight: 148.2 lbs
Body Fat %: 32.1%
Right Arm: 33 cm
Left Arm: 30.5 cm
Right Leg: 59 cm
Left Leg: 59 cm
Stomach: 92 cm
Bust: 105 cm

Hip: 107 cm

This is my plan for the week.

Day 1: 5 000 steps

Day 2: 5 000 steps

Day 3:
5 000 steps
30 Squats
15 Lunges
15 Crunches
15 sec Wall Sit
20 sec Plank

10 Push Ups

Day 4:
5 000 steps
35 Squats
20 Lunges
25 Crunches
25 sec Wall Sit
25 sec Plank

12 Push Ups

Day 5:
5 000 steps
50 Squats
20 Lunges
25 Crunches
25 sec Wall Sit
25 sec Plank
12 Push Ups


Day 6:
5 000 steps
60 Squats
30 Lunges
35 Crunches
35 sec Wall Sit
35 sec Plank
15 Push Ups


Day 7:
5 000 steps
65 Squats
35 Lunges
40 Crunches
45 sec Wall Sit
35 sec Plank
15 Push Ups
25 Jumping Jacks


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