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15 Things to Tell a Little Girl Besides “You’re cute”

Awwww. She’s so cute! Everyone tells my darling little girl. All I can think of is myself, when I was growing up, and people telling me the same. I remember once as a child doing something and my mother saying “I am SO proud of you.” those words etched it’s way threw my ears and soaked into the deepest part of my brain. Where everyone saw what was on the outside my mom saw my capabilities.

My mom was always seemingly the only person building my self confidence. I Remeber in my teenage years through stress and puberty crying in frustration “Noone loves me except my mom!” even in my loneliest hour I knew she was on my team and I want to make sure my daughter feels the same way I did.

So, I’ve compiled a list of 15 things to tell a little girl to build self esteem and confidence besides “you’re cute”. Remember to say these things in the correct situation. You wouldn’t want to tell a little girl she’s smart if she just did a twirl in her new dress. Always preface these with the action. For example #1 is “you’re very smart.” perfect for after she’s don’t something that requires some thinking skills. You could say. “You know all those colours?! You’re so smart!”

1. You’re so smart.

2. That was very thoughtful of you.

3. I’m proud of you.

4. That was soooooo nice!

5. I bet you’re really good at sharing.

6. You’re a really good big sister.

7. You are very kind.

8. That was silly! You’re funny!

9. You are brave.

10. That’s amazing!

11. I knew you could do it.

12. You’re strong/fast/athletic etc.

13. You are creative/talented etc.

14. You are a great leader.

15. Good job!

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